Project Management

Project is a group of activities that is undertaken to achieve predefined goals.

Most companies implement projects regardless of the level of knowledge about project management. There is nothing extraordinary about it, as we have been interacting with projects since childhood and are able to act intuitively. For example, at the art class the child is to make a colorful cut-out on Christmas. He or She gets a limited number of materials, has specific goals and a deadline. The question is, are competences required in project management at all?

The answer is: it depends …

If the complexity of the project is at the level of an exemplary cut-out, then no …

On the other hand, if it is necessary to engage people from many departments, complement the competences with external resources, make expensive purchases and minimize the risk of failure, then it is definitely worth investing in an experienced Project Manager.

Innovation Blaze has competence in Project Management proven by a  track record of successful projects.

Knowledge of project management methodologies (PRINCE2, Agile PM, SCRUM, PMBoK, Waterfall) gives the opportunity to manage the project in the so-called controlled environment. In practice, this means minimizing the risk of failure and maximizing the benefits of project implementation. The experience in coordinating complex projects may allow us to avoid mistakes that may be significant not only for achieving the goal, but also for the entire enterprise’s existence.

We know how to do it because we specialize in it. If you are facing a complex project challenge, contact us and we advise you on how to approach this challenge.

Sometimes it is enough to provide the right tools and knowledge, and then only supervise the project progress. This is definitely a cheaper solution than hiring a Project Manager.