Our Videos on Social Media

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We have started a video transmission in Social Media. We begin creating valuable short films about investment topics. The planned content will include, among others: visual presentations of ideas worth investing, interviews with investors and originators, short expert lectures in the subject of strategic management and investment. The videos will be published through a dedicated YouTube channel, via Linked In and Facebook, and content previews can also appear on our company Instagram. We strongly encourage you to follow us on Social Media and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Planning session

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We entered 2018 with the planning workshop. Planning is one of the main management functions as well as organizing, coordinating, leading and controlling. Of these five functions, planning is the most important! Why? Because everything starts with a plan. Working without a good plan is like cross-country running at night. Even if you run fast, you do not know which way to go, and you see the obstacles when it’s too late to fight them. With a good plan, you just go straight to your destination. You don’t even have to run because you know how much time you have. It is because You have planned what and when to do. It was fun, but also serious, because everyone knows that a serious action starts with a plan! Next planning session workshop – December 2018 🙂

New Business Partner – “Polish Your Business”

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We proudly announce that Innovation Blaze has acquired a strategic business partner! Polish Your Business, L.L.C. is a Marketing & Management Consulting Firm operating in the United States and expanding towards Europe. Why a company from the U.S.? Because that’s where marketing was born! This is where you can find the best knowledge and the most practical & effective marketing strategies. P.Y.B. has similar values to Innovation Blaze. Both companies believe the world needs more people who care and both companies are sharing knowledge to help others. This is the way you build strong business relationships. The collaboration will include knowledge transfer, sharing of competences, and territorial expansion. Innovation Blaze is entering the U.S. market through Polish Your Business, LLC, and P.Y.B is now supporting businesses in Europe. For customers, it means the availability of high-quality services on both sides of the Atlantic.


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Most of us know that LTE technology has enabled fast data transfer over mobile networks. However not everyone knows that there are such advanced LTE cameras for outdoor use. TOYA Systemy Komputerowe is the precursor of this solution. It is important to know that professional monitoring doesn’t have to depend on cables anymore. As a new business partner, I was invited to showcase the richest version of the TOYA LTE CLOUD CAM and I can honestly say that the technical parameters and capabilities of the hardware impressed me. 25x optical zoom, heated hard drive, Full HD quality, powerful software, remote control via your smartphone, tablet or PC and real-time image transfer capabilities! It’s all with your own LTE internet without data limitations from TOYA Systemy Komputerowe. An excellent tool for monitoring out-of-town areas where access to the cable internet is limited.

New Business Partner – TOYA Systemy Komputerowe

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On 23.11.2017 TOYA Systemy Komputerowe became a business partner of Innovation Blaze! As part of the cooperation, companies will provide each other with innovative technologies and innovative management methods. TOYA LTE CLOUD CAM was presented at the first meeting as an example of the technology they poses. The new partner also offers VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which is gaining popularity and our experts expect the technology to be a great potential for development!