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New Business Partner – “Polish Your Business”

We proudly announce that Innovation Blaze has acquired a strategic business partner!

Polish Your Business, L.L.C. is a Marketing & Management Consulting Firm operating in the United States and expanding towards Europe. Why a company from the U.S.? Because that’s where marketing was born! This is where you can find the best knowledge and the most practical & effective marketing strategies. P.Y.B. has similar values to Innovation Blaze. Both companies believe the world needs more people who care and both companies are sharing knowledge to help others. This is the way you build strong business relationships.

The collaboration will include knowledge transfer, sharing of competences, and territorial expansion. Innovation Blaze is entering the U.S. market through Polish Your Business, LLC, and P.Y.B is now supporting businesses in Europe. For customers, it means the availability of high-quality services on both sides of the Atlantic.