Joint Venture

According to the suggestions of our clients, we have prepared the option of cooperation on the principles of a “joint venture”. In this model of cooperation, Innovation Blaze provides managerial competences and supports the development of the company in exchange for specific shares in profits from the Project.

Start-up is a perfect example of this type of cooperation. Innovation Blaze supports start-up activities through access to a panel of experts, writing business plans, as well as acquiring financing sources. All this without additional fees. The motivation for cooperation in such a model are shares in future profits from the project. Of course, at the beginning of the cooperation ideas are subject to verification, which is an additional benefit for the originator. We only engage in projects that with our support have a high probability of success. If you want to verify your idea and see if you qualify, make an appointment with us for a free consultation.

The expected amount of shares depends on many factors and usually can be estimated during the initial verification of the idea.

Innovation Blaze ensures confidentiality of exchanged information through legal safeguards and encrypted means of information exchange and storage (such as emails, disks, external storage). We also have a governmental certificate of access to confidential information applicable in the European Union.